Sunday, January 18, 2009

Value of Local Shops to the Surf Industry

Surfline Launches Local Surf Shop Series Focusing on the Value of Local Shops to the Surf Industry
January 16, 2009

Today Surfline launches a new editorial series that focuses on the core value of local surf shops to the industry and the culture they provide. This editorial series will focus on surf shops and their vast knowledge of both products and surf culture as well as their understanding of what a surfer needs in terms of equipment and knowledge, all the while providing a strong community in the local marketplace. Local surf shops allow surfers a place to congregate around core industry products and provide a community and culture that has escaped the main stream surf industry. Surfline is focused on bringing this culture and community to light and show the importance to surfers and the industry in all local markets.

Surfline's VP of Editorial Dave Gilovich says, "We believe surf shops are good for surfing. Surf shops provide a place where wave riders can find the core products they need to pursue their life's passion - boards, leashes, wax, wetsuits, boardshorts. Equally important, most shops have personnel on the floor who can offer information about these products, with a degree of knowledge and understanding that can be found nowhere else. But the best surf shops are more than just retail stores. The special ones, the ones that have served their communities for years and, in some cases, decades, offer a place for surfers to gather, connect and communicate, to share the stoke of surfing and to celebrate its lifestyle and culture. These businesses have become shrines to our sport, and, as such, are important to surfers everywhere."

Visit the first part of this series today on Surfline where you can read about Harbour Surfboards in Seal Beach which has been around Since 1962.