Friday, March 28, 2008

What’s your surf spot worth?

Help us find out. Researchers at UCLA are conducting a survey of surfers who surf at California surf spots to evaluate their worth. You can help by visiting this link and filling out the survey.

Your participation can help us better protect and manage California surf spots in the future.


Researchers at UCLA are conducting a research project on the economics of surfing. For part of the project they are planning to assess the economic value of surf spots in California. To do so they need to get as many surfers who surf California surf spots as possible to fill out a web-based survey within 24 hours of surfing. The more surfers who fill out the survey the more accurate the estimation. The results will be used in a model to estimate the economic value of surf spots in California.

List of surf spots:

1. Seaside Reef
2. Cardiff Reef
3. Swami’s
4. Oceanside Pier North Side
5. Oceanside North Jetty
6. San Onofre
7. Trestles
8. Doheny
9. Salt Creek
10. 40st Street Newport
11. 54th and 56th Streets Newport
12. Huntington Peer Southside
13. Huntington Pier Northside
14. Manhattan Beach Pier
15. El Porto
16. Malibu Surfrider Beach
17. C Street
18. Rincon
19. Pleasure Point
20. Steamer Lane
21. South Ocean Beach -Sloat
22. North Ocean Beach